START London 2016

Press Relase

15.09.2016 / 18.09.2016

Art On Istanbul will be participating in the third edition of START art fair held by Saatchi Gallery in London, with a solo show by Evren Sungur. A special selection of Sungur’s new series of works will be introduced during the fair that will take place from 15 to 18 September 2016 in Saatchi Gallery.
Exploring essentially human beings in his works, Sungur’s conceptual framework proposes ways to understand and investigate relations between and amongst the human nature, evolution, existence and civilization; therefore he derives his motivation from human behavioral characteristics, the dichotomy between instinct and intellect, the man-woman relationship revealing the social order, the clash of generations and the cultural-political history. The poetic rupture in Sungur’s paintings stems from the tragedy created by the instinctive behaviors which contradict the evolution, civilization and finally existence of its figures.
What makes Sungur’s works unique is the fact that he brings together all the compositional elements of art without discrimination with a distinctive harmony. By unifying this harmony of time, space, form and color with history, architecture, sculpture and painting, he describes civilization.
Aiming to create an open-ended dialogue between Turkish and the global contemporary art World, Art On Istanbul continues to promote the represented artists through the participation in numerous exhibiton and art fairs on both national and international platforms.

Artist Biography
Evren Sungur was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1980. Sungur received a bachelor’s degree of architecture from Yeditepe University in 2002. Currently living and working in his atelier located in Beyoglu district of Istanbul, Evren Sungur has been selected as one of the prominent artists of tomorrow in the book '100 Painters of Tomorrow', authored by Kurt Beers.