Vivid Dark of a Space | Kemal Seyhan

26.03.2016 / 30.04.2016 |

Art On Istanbul presents Kemal Seyhan’s exhibition “Vivid Dark of A Space” at its new space in Şişhane between March 26–April 30 2016. The exhibition brings together the latest works of the artist, who lives and works both in Vienna and Istanbul. Curated by Dr. Necmi Sönmez, “Vivid Dark of A Space” features multi-layered works of the artist created by using different forms, textures and monochrome colors with particular emphasis on remaining in the tradition of pure abstract painting.

Kemal Seyhan is known for building his visual experiments without reverting to expressionistic, narrative and illustrative elements. With his latest works in the exhibition, he develops a new approach to texture, which is a crucial element of painting, by using different volumes of paint. Abstract at first glance, these paintings reveal kind of a third dimension as the details created by the multitude of dots become visible to the viewer. This is a reference to what the artists call in his own words, “a midnight atmosphere of the country and the studio where these paintings are made: a controlled darkness broken by the light entering the studio space and the noise of the city...”

The visual point of origin of the show are conceptual spaces created by dark colors such as black, gray and brown combined with different textural elements. These conceptual spaces could be perceived in a dramatic construction which is referred by the works that resemble the soil and strata of the Earth, textural landscapes of the outside world and the inner forms inside of the visuality.

About the artist
Born in Kayseri, Turkey in 1960. Started studying sociology at the Boğaziçi University and then quit, settling in Vienna where he studied philosophy and art history at the Vienna University. Graduated from the Department of Painting and Graphics at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After living in Vienna for over 20 years, he established a studio in Istanbul. He has been living and working both in Istanbul and Vienna since 2004.