Virtual News | Sencer Vardarman

13.04.2012 / 13.05.2012 | Press Relase

Sencer Vardarman’s first solo exhibition in Turkey “Virtual News” will be on display at Art On the Gallery between 13 April – 13 May.

Sencer Vardarman says that he aims at developing a style amalgamating the two different educations he received -the concept-oriented one in Germany and the classical academic art school in Turkey- and at producing strong works with firm contents and visual backgrounds.

His works have a basic theme. Yet, each series and each work has a theme particular to them. They are classified accordingly.

The basic and recurring element is the way how the producers and conveyors of information, -i.e. scientists, researchers and journalists- use the visual material. Also, he keeps questioning how the data undergo alterations during these stages (becoming superficial and adaptation for the best interests of the investors etc.) and to what extent is an influence is created with their visual narration. Primarily, persuasiveness and reputability are his themes.

Vardarman says that the visual materials he is producing can be roughly classified into two groups and continues: “A quite graphical visual language mostly used by scholars, including tables, charts etc.; and the photo-montages made by using a photographic narration and composition, employed by the mass-media and especially by magazines.”

Using news photos and striking disaster scenes in his photography Vardarman produces works with a visual approach yet around a painter-like attitude. His photomontages are generated from the composition of 20 small photos on average. These photo fragments are picked from TV news and documentaries.

Producing outstanding disaster scenes, rather viewed as news photos with references to the romantic age, Vardarman is producing photomontages comprised of small photos in his series titled TV-Landscapes. These small photos are obtained from his rich visual archive, almost 70.000 photos he collected from various TV shows. Created also with digital photo techniques, each work is a montage of 20 pieces on average, or of more than 100 photos at times.

Sencer Vardarman’s solo exhibition “Virtual News” will be opened at Art On the Gallery on April 13. The exhibition will continue until May 13.