Urbanscapes | Erdal İnci

07.05.2016 / 05.06.2016 | | Brochure

Art On Istanbul presents Erdal İnci’s exhibition “Urbanscapes” between May 7–June 5, 2016. Erdal İnci is known for his GIF video works where he clones movements, and his new exhibition will feature his new works of documentary style as well as his animated video work Berlin Wall.

Erdal İnci’s video works, which deal with concepts like movement, time, rhythm, are based on his performances in public spaces and this time the artist takes us to structures and their interior. Taking start from his own home, he approaches the computation techniques used in architecture from an artistic perspective. However, he uses artistic manipulation prudently at a limited level with this computation technique with which he almost takes an x-ray of buildings. The resulting image is a document rather than a representation. In “Urbanscapes” Erdal İnci takes the viewer from the outer surface of buildings to the inside offering them a view from limitless angles and perspectives, be it his own room or some stairs in Karaköy. This way he crosses the boundaries of materials used in artistic production and reaches the inner organs of a structure. Using 3D animation and photography, he sets on a journey from form to content and emphasizes cities, structures and their interiors as well as the tremendous transformation they are undergoing.

Also featured in the exhibition, his animated video work Berlin Wall throws an alternative look at a symbolic structure, which envelops an entire city–not only buildings and their interiors which form its urban texture. He combines the modular parts forming the wall with a fractal technical drawing to obtain a structure of the same ratios with the original. This system allows the viewer to see every detail of the Berlin Wall, which is formed of 45 thousand pieces of the same proportion, progressively.

“Urbanscapes” can be visited at Art On Istanbul, Şişhane until June 5, 2016 Sunday.

About the Artist
Erdal İnci was born in 1983 in Ankara. He graduated from Hacettepe University’s Painting Department and went on to produce works in diverse disciplines such as street art, photography, video and digital art. His works dealing with concepts of movement, time and rhythm have a hypnotic effect on the viewer and offer an alternative approach to performance, especially in public spaces. İnci lives and works in Istanbul.