Tragedy | Onur Mansız

27.05.2014 / 12.07.2014 | Press Relase

From 27th May – 12th July, Art On Istanbul is pleased to present ‘Tragedy’, the first solo exhibition of works by 1*the young artist Onur Mansız. Currently living in Spain, Mansız’s hyper realistic portraits demand a high level of feeling from its audience, inviting them to confront their own tragedies on a journey that patrols the frontiers of melancholy and dark humour.

At the core of Onur Mansız’s fictional figurative compositions is the turmoil of an individual’s inner world that is *2susceptible to external intrusion. Choosing to work with models who are selected from those in his closest circle, Mansız creates a conducive atmosphere that benefits from the best use of light. With the reflection of the projector striking their naked bodies, he turns his camera’s gaze to his subject’s, or does he? When capturing and transferring the desired elements on to canvas the artist’s technical proficiency comes into fruition.

It could be said that the artist’s emotional-realistic approach is in stark contrast to the theatrical-fictional form that is the dominant feature of his paintings. Yet, this contrariety is able to engulf the viewer manifesting as a powerful illusion to its unsuspecting viewer*4. Not only do the images that are projected on to the figures highlight the model’s facial expressions and body language, the reflections also emphasise the roles, the burden lying heavy on their shoulders while the projector’s beam penetrates deep into their psyche. Mansız’s coarse engraving of these bodies, as if his own, emphasize the subject’s own struggle, highlighted in his works. Able to carve out ways to narrate new stories to be told of humankind, the protagonists appear as we do: at war- open to being wounded, individuals staggering about until they are forcefully- or not – made to stand tall again. Life continues.

The exhibition can be viewed at Art On Istanbul from 27th May – 12th July. The writer Niyazi Zorlu and the artist will talk on the exhibition at Art On Istanbul on Saturday 7th June at 14:30.