The Recollection of Colors | Ulrich Erben

16.09.2014 / 18.10.2014 | Press Relase

The Renowned German artist Ulrich Erben is in Istanbul:

The Recollection of Colors

Ulrich Erben (Dusseldorf, 1940), one of the most significant German painters, will hold his solo exhibition at Art On Istanbul between September 16th and October 18th, 2014. Erben’s first solo exhibition in Turkey will expose 40 of his works both on canvas and on paper. In the exhibition titled The Recollection of Colors the artist whose works are in several significant institutional and private collections is going to present his works from 1999 to 2014. Necmi Sönmez will curate the exhibition.

Drawing attention with his art in the post-1960 German art circle, Ulrich Erben brings together warm and cool colors and creates abstract compositions leading diverse associations in the mind of onlookers. These open-ended works that may be interpreted in various ways by each viewer recall emotional vibrations with the grace of colors and their unfamiliar tonal associations.

The title of the exhibition, The Recollection of Colors, opens the door for different connotations resulting from distinctive cultural, geographical and personal characteristic of onlookers. In his works of pure abstraction, the artist refrains from making any references to the forms in nature. Erben separates his composition into color fields on the basis of the determinative role of geometry. These color fields help in creating three-dimensional perceptions on the two-dimensional canvas. Erben seeks the liberatory possibilities of inner perspectives by keeping illusions and illustrations away from his works. The artist, who works both in Dusseldorf and in Bagnoregio, a region close to Rome, has an approach that questions the possibilities of intercultural interaction in his compositions.