The Face is Everything | Horasan

08.10.2016 / 19.11.2016 |

Art On Istanbul opens the new season with the exhibition entitled “The Face is Everything” by Horasan between October 8th and November 19th, 2016. The exhibition will include artist’s polyptych figurative paintings with a focus on the “face” as well as an installation of 30 paintings covering the last 20 years of his portrait works.

The exhibition offers the possibility to see Horasan’s works on paper and canvas, while the artist develops a theme through the representation of facial expressions enabling an observation on human feelings. Paper and canvas artworks assembled by the artist create “narratives” centralized on facial expressions.

Drawing charcoal portraits of individuals posing for him since his childhood constitutes the starting point of the painting for the artist; “It is always about the face” as he says. Horasan seeks to know humans better and understand them more profoundly while drawing their face. According to the artist, “Drawing a face is also portraying the World.”
Horasan’s artworks approach the “face” matter beyond traditional limits and may be considered as an opening for both Horasan’s self and the spectator rather than their subjects’ characters or their expressions. Capturing and featuring distinct, symbolic and expressive components of human faces although none of those faces reference directly a specific figure. Horasan’s works are extremely leaning on imagination thus hard to apprehend from this aspect, on the other hand, with this attribution and the openness to the new and diverse interpretations, Horasan focuses on drawing a kind of emotion portraits instead of memorised familiar faces.

Horasan’s compositions’ reference point is constituted with the reinterpretation of his notebook drawings and illustrations through time. The “Face is Everything” exhibition foreshadows Horasan’s work orientation, extending from today to tomorrow, introduce what seems familiar as stranger, and renders familiar what appears to be undepictable and unapprehendable while observed fully.

Horasan’s “The Face is Everything” exhibition continues at Art On Istanbul through Saturday, November 19th.