Sibel | Renee Levi

06.01.2015 / 21.02.2015 | Press Relase

Art On Istanbul hosts the first solo exhibition of Renée Levi that is to take place in Turkey. The artist, born in 1960 in Istanbul, moved to Switzerland in 1964 and since then has been living and working in Basel. Levi has gained an international reputation for her usage of strong colors in her works. Levi’s exhibition grazes away from expressionism and brings forth the “conceptualized” color factor.

In Renée Levi’s solo exhibition titled “Sibel” are her canvas works of different techniques and patterns. Confronting viewers with unusual integrities of color and form, this exhibition aims to pave the way for “personal perception” through the use of vivid tones of distinct densities. Levi, producing her colors with particular mixtures, offers viewers a different concept of rhythm and motion and enlivens the gallery space. Therefore, viewers are able to feel both the diverse conceptual musicality and imposing color clusters that reach beyond the extremes of the human soul.