Overload | Hüseyin Aksoylu

15.09.2012 / 15.10.2012 | Press Relase

"OVERLOAD", another first solo exhibition of a young contemporary artist, Hüseyin Aksoylu, opens at Art On Istanbul on 15 September 2012, Saturday. Criticizing how the intellectual accumulation, knowledge and experiences offered to us and curb the reactions we have in interpreting our lives in his productions, Aksoylu attributes new meanings to objects through building relations -among them or at times between himself and the objects-. His works can be viewed until 15 October at Art On Istanbul.

Born in 1984 Aksoylu graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2010, contemporary artist Hüseyin Aksoylu opens his first solo exhibition titled “Overload”, where he used various techniques and media, at Art On Istanbul, on 15 September Saturday. In addition to oil on canvas works, depicted in the frame of a story and drawing attention with details, the exhibition stands out with video recordings, in which the artists appear with individual performances.
While the main theme of fictionalized canvas narrations zoom in daily objects, we find flawless figures materializing the revival and downfall observed in the coherence of the works, the mechanization, the routine created by this mechanization and the dynamism protruding from the routine.

Hüseyin Aksoylu explains his narrations, generally related on large-scale canvases as:

"The intellectual accumulation, knowledge and experiences presented to us make us generate categorized or even limited solutions and reactions when interpreting a scene or a moment. In my works, I attribute new meanings to objects and use them, building new relations sometimes among them and sometimes between me and them. The single color use, I deliberately use, takes the objects out of the concepts they usually serve to. This technique enables me develop a common language in a more independent way, allowing interferences. Within this system I question my own discerns and renunciations without worrying about frustrations or making mistakes."

Named after intense use of figures, especially seen in canvas works, "Overload" can be visited at Art On Istanbul in 15 September-15 October.