Our Wounds Our Balads | Burak Bedenlier, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Canan Dağdelen, İpek Duben, Murat Germen, Serkan Taycan, Jochen Proehl, Johannes Wohnseifer

27.05.2015 / 05.09.2015 | Press Relase

For its group exhibition titled “our wounds, our ballads,” Art On Istanbul brings together works by artists working in various disciplines. The title of the exhibition derives from the famous Greek poet Yannis Ritsos’(1909-1990) poem “Resemblance” and it refers to the exhibition’s structure that aims to establish new associations between the poetic and visual image. Following Art On Istanbul’s last year exhibition on the poetic universe of eminent poet İlhan Berk, also this presentation aims to reflect to various metaphors of daily life with poetic touch. Beside the contemporary art works the exhibition will feature a painted stone by Ritsos for the first time in Turkey.

“our wounds, our ballads” will present works by artists from different generations using different techniques. A poetry reading by Özdemir İnce, who translate Ritsos to Turkish, will take place as part of the exhibition and it will focus on the concept of the “wound” in Ritsos’s world of dreams and thoughts.

“Stars in the disheveled cistern
cistern in the middle of the old courtyard
just like the mirror of the locked room k.

Pigeons around the cistern
flowers pots in the framework of the moon painted with lime
our ballads, our songs around our wound. ”

From the book TANIK ŞİİRLER
Translators: Özdemir İnce, Ioanna Kuçuradi