Nepenthes | İskender Yediler

14.04.2015 / 23.05.2015 | Press Relase

Art On Istanbul is pleased to announce that it will host İskender Yediler‘sfirst solo exhibition in Turkey. İskender Yediler is a sculptor working in Berlin and he will be exhibiting his recent works that open the doors to the tropical world. The artist’s paper works and his panels that he made using the Iznik tiling technique, as well as his yellow copper and aluminum sculptures to be exhibited for the first time, will be exhibited in the exhibition titled Suibriğigiller / Nepenthes. The exhibition derives its title from tropical carnivorous plants and the exhibition presents to the audience in all its impressive details how abstract forms observed in the nature assume different meanings.

The “cannibal plant world” explored in expressive colors by İskender Yediler whose works are part of various international museum and private collections, has an irony with a high dose of black humor. The exhibited works explore in various forms and striking colors rare plants that grow in tropical climates and the works achieve to make the audience both smile and contemplate. The artist makes references to various cultural, social and political entities in his works that have been influenced by the impressions he got during his travels to the Far East countries, in particular to the cities of Bangkok, Hanoi, Angkor Vat.