Mini Market of Happiness and Drugstore | Ilgın Seymen, Nejat Satı

02.11.2011 / 02.12.2011 | Press Relase

As of 2 November Art On the Gallery will be hosting two different exhibitions gathering two young artists. Despite the visual and ideological convergence of their works, Ilgın Seymen and Nejat Satı will be creating personal spaces in the exhibition hall, – which will enable viewers visit two different personal exhibitions within one gallery.

Instead of simply using the halls for display purposes, both artists are turning the gallery space into a playground, where the audience is invited to take part in the games. In their works, we find objects, which actually are indispensable parts of our daily lives, in an unusual setup.

In her productions, Ilgın Seymen criticizes the life styles alleged to be individualistic without ever taking the individual into account and interprets the consumption society with visuals of mass culture. With “Mini Market of Happiness” she continues to make a -possibly disturbing- criticism, making use of tools notorious for giving “happiness and pleasure”- both in terms of visual nature and satisfaction. Productions which associate happiness at first sight are in fact severe critiques directed to us all.

Nejat Satı, on the other hand, in his works based on his personal experiences, diversifies the use of paints and colors. Through this unorthodox method, he turns the exhibition hall into a platform, where the viewer will have a quite unusual experience while integrating the hall into his/her own life. With its installation, through which not only the products but also the viewers stand as a part of the exhibition, “DRUGSTORE” verifies the fact that along with the artist’s personal experiences and efforts, the viewer is also an insurmountable component of the art production process.

Ilgın Seymen’s “Mini Market of Happiness” and Nejat Satı’s “DRUGSTORE” can be visited at Art On the Gallery through 2 November – 20 December.

Art On the Gallery is open for visits from Tuesdays till Fridays through the week and between 11:00 am- 07:00 pm on Saturdays.