Midnight in Istanbul | Nilhan Sesalan

08.09.2017 / 14.10.2017 | Press Relase

Art On İstanbul, is pleased to announce Nilhan Sesalan’s solo exhibition entitled “Midnight in İstanbul.” Nilhan Sesalan, who has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions alongside international symposiums, biennials and public sculpture projects since 1990’s, presents her most recent works on which she has worked for two years, with a site-specific installation surrounding her sculptures in her first solo show .
The exhibition derives its name from the artist’s thoughts concentrating on the image of darkness and the city where her “existence originated”. It makes the viewer witness her perspective about the global change of nature and human, the socio-psychologic and cosmologic structure of the geography she lives in and her effort to understand it.
The artist, who stays close to the current agenda of the region she lives in without being drawn into its whirlpool, states: “…I needed light in the effort of understanding darkness. Darkness itself, fell short in defining itself to me. I guess this is the reason I trailed after stars in “Midnight in İstanbul.” Just like the prehistoric human following the stars in order to find his way in the ocean, forest or the desert...”
While materializing her ideas blended with her poetic view, alongside stone, bronze and wood, Sesalan also uses new techniques and she sees this as learning a new language. She also presents the detailed relationship she established between the idea and material.
With “Midnight in Istanbul,” the artist is purified from the chaos that detaches herself from nature and creates an atmosphere in which visitors “can have a private moment alone with Istanbul and experience a feeling among the circles of time”
Her sculpture, Dream of the Wood, presented together with Erhan Gezen’s video-mapping installation, creates a unique experience for the visitors.
Nilhan Sesalan’s solo exhibition “Midnight in Istanbul,” composed of the artist’s stone, bronze and wood sculptures alongside a site-specific installation, will be on view between September 8 – November 14, 2017 at Art On Istanbul.