Klaus Mosettig | Klaus Mosettig

10.12.2013 / 04.01.2014 | Press Relase

Art On Istanbul, hosts the work of Viennese artist Klaus Mosettig between 10 December 2013 and 4 January 2014. Klaus Mosettig, who joined MUMOK’s collection at a very young age and held his last exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, will have his first solo exhibition in Turkey at Art On Istanbul.

Klaus Mosettig’s works revolves around the mirrored image. For the artist, slides and reflections generate the contemporary forms of immutable life. Mosettig’s interest in working with pre-existing images lies mainly in the benefits of the shapes within the readily available objects. His personal interest does not lie in the contextual expression of the technical and visual repetition of creation, the adaptation process, the image depicted or the production, but the quality of strict and abstract approaches on both the objective and the subjective visual information.
Mosettig reconstructs and adapts the projected images by regularly applying the different shades and lengths of the diagonal shadows in the same direction. While visual continuity caused by stratification creates flatness, color turns into a spectrum consisting of blacks, whites and grays. The exhibition includes works from Klaus Mosettig’s three series; “Projection Portrait”, “Albers Painting” and “Pollock Painting”.
The solid contrast between Pollock’s expressionist approach and Mosettig’s practice of slow and cautious approach combined with the variable quality of slide visuals and the loss of visual information reflected from projector, reveal drawn copies. When compared, Mosettig’s art pieces embody different quality material and have reduced details as a result they seem only like a depiction of Pollock’s works.
Pollock’s natural drips and splashes catch continuity with bias shading in the hands of Mosettig and reach a completely different visual and physical micro-structure. The resulting drawings of this more transformative than generative approach, are iconic and spectacular. In the end, they drag people into a slow, contemplative and continuously changing visual experience.
Joseph Albers is an artist who has experienced the subjectivity of colors, shapes, lines, floors and visual perception in his art. One of his most important series is the “Square”, in this work each picture consists of fitting three or four squares into each other in different colors. Mosettig in his pencil drawings retraces the images of Albers in a highly organized and structured way. Basic principles of Alber’s art are color and the subjective perception of color, the intensity of image and the characteristic of color. The fact that Mosettig, avoids color usage and clears the Picture from the basic feature of Albers radically reverses the value of it.
Neither the color nor the flow of the color field on canvas but the gray shading that is achieved by the subjective positioning of Mosettig is apparent.
Klaus Mosettig’s solo exhiniton can be viewed between the dates of December 10 to January 4 at Art On Istanbul.