Hunger | Hüseyin Aksoylu

24.02.2015 / 04.04.2015 | Press Relase

In his second solo exhibition, Hüseyin Aksoylu examines the dynamics and the causality that underlies the process of adapting to nature and social order. The artist investigates this problematic of mankind for which he has been seeking an answer for a very long time by means of possibilities offered by different mediums such as canvas, video, sculpture and computer processed images.
Aksoylu deals with the conflict between the inborn instincts of man and his/her thought system that has been developed over time. He observes the continuous quest for a balance between following spontaneous impulses and adapting to artefactual system of values.
In this mechanism of conflict where the act of thinking might drag one to inaction as it brings instinct under control in the name of common sense and shared wisdom, one returns once again to basic instincts in order to survive. The emphasis on “hunger” that also gives the exhibition its name is the most basic instinct that keeps man alive and it also implies our desire to return to our substantial potential.