Going Uphill | Olcay Kuş

Olcay Kuş, "Yokuş Yukarı" l "Going Uphill". Sergiden görünüm l Installation view, 2017, Art On İstanbul.

14.01.2016 / 18.02.2016 | Press Relase | Brochure

Olcay Kuş holds his third solo exhibition at Art On İstanbul, entitled “Going Uphill”, bringing together his most recent works in which he studies the societal states of mind through the street, media, identities and gestures. The exhibition may be visited between 14th of January and 18th of February.

Olcay Kuş carries his (by now familiar) observations on daily life, the street and the language of media to a whole new level in the exhibition “Going Uphill”. The effects of political uncertainties and negativities and the chaos created by an uncontrollable time are thematized by the artist in an occasionally distant and neutral manner, while at times his tone becomes satirical and critical. The exhibition centralizes on the increasing social tensions complicating gradually everyday life that leads to the personal and collective state of voicelessness.

Olcay Kuş greets the viewers at the entrance of the gallery with a stencil applied directly on the wall referring to the street. The setup of the exhibition is divided into three parts: experimental drawings for artist’s large scale works, paper-pulp statues and canvas works. While the drawings exhibit the preliminary investigations, technical quests and trials, and his use of color and figure, referencing the rest of his works. The laughter of faceless individuals as well as the facetious gestures and bodily movements that are characteristic of power holders displayed on the canvas, represent the repressed emotions of the masses turned into unhappy beings because of them. Newspapers and spray paint inspired by the aesthetics of street art, strengthen the emphasis of bodily language, which is symbolized through a more striking usage of color and specific templates.

The artist will also be presenting his amorphic statue series entitled Those Who Are Left Behind in this exhibition for the first time. Taking his queue from various toys, the statues are made of polyurethane foam and paper-pulp.

Olcay Kuş continues to share the emotions of the era he is witnessing through his new exhibition entitled “Going Uphill”, as the continuation of his previous shows “An Ordinary Day” and “Game Center”.

Visiting hours: Tuesday-Saturday | 10.00-19.00
For detailed information and visuals: Azra İşmen | azra@artonistanbul.com