Game Center | Olcay Kuş

08.01.2014 / 01.03.2014 | Press Relase

Art On Istanbul is proud to present the solo exhibition titled “Game Center” by Olcay Kuş as the first exhibition of 2014 between January 8 – March 1. In his works, Olcay Kuş aims to create a new world in his street art-based works. Kuş, in the exhibition titled “Game Center” sees the world as a ‘game center’ and regards all goings-on as ‘new games’. In his works, we find many references as to the real life and all kinds of parameters of life along with implicit readings under the title of ‘game’. In addition to the works in which Olcay Kuş used mixed techniques on canvas, this exhibition also includes his sketches for the first time.

Olcay Kuş explains his works in this exhibition as follows: “What kind of games would you like to play? Think about an area full of game centers. The east and the west, the north and the south of the area. Considering your age, delight, job, gender identity and even clothes, you can play whichever game you like! In that this is a democratic area. But you should bear in mind that you are a part of the game. You can play the game with others or you may be played by others. Lies, tricks, fraud, forgery… are all admissible. You can kill people or cut down trees.

Everything is admissible under one condition. No thinking, no producing ideas, no arguing! “Game Center” is an exhibition based on these ideas. This is a way of expressing the difficult times we’re having recently, the conflicts, and never-ending Political GAMES. All hot topics drop off the agenda; there appears immediately a new topic to discuss… Without knowing or seeing what’s going on in the country, we get in new adventures. Just like a game… Here, in this exhibition, I’m playing my own game. I’m playing with those who play with me. There isn’t any specific topic that I want to drive forward or focus on; however, this exhibition basically depicts the subjects or visuals that have affected me and I couldn’t pass over during the production process of these works.

A New Exhibition Model and Artist Talks at Art On Istanbul
Focusing on the images referring to economical, social and political process that Turkey has been going through, the young artist Olcay Kuş will perform an artist talk with the art historian and curator Fırat Arapoğlu on February 8 at Art On Istanbul.

Within a new understanding of exhibition design including artist talks developed by Art On Istanbul, some parts of the exhibition “Game Center” that opened on January 8 will be rearranged and previously unexhibited works of the artist will be presented to the visitors for the first time. This change prevents the exhibition from being a static presentation of the works and also enables the art lovers to see different works of art. For the upcoming exhibitions, Art On Istanbul aims for developing such exhibition models that highlight the production process of the artists. The main purpose of the change observed in the works of the artists during the exhibition period is to offer visual surprizes to the visitors as it paves the way for different and new interpretations of the works.

After the artist talk to be held on February 8, “Game Center”, the exhibition including new works of Olcay Kuş, will be open to visit until March 1 at Art On Istanbul.