Fractum Regnum | Ozan Türkkan

03.12.2016 / 30.12.2016 | Press Relase | Brochure

Art On İstanbul hosts new media artist Ozan Türkkan, who works in Paris, Barcelona and Istanbul, between December 3rd and 30th, with his latest exhibition, "Fractum Regnum".

Centered on experimental media and digital arts with a focus on generative computer arts in his works and visuals, Ozan Türkkan presents his works featuring virtual reality installations, holograms through which he plays with spectators` perceptions; generative videos from his researches in fractal geometry and 3D Lenticular prints. In the exhibition, where the relationship between work, space and spectator gains a new dimension, the artist aims to carry the spectators into an abstract world whilst returning to their unique state of being, and to underline the importance of the state of experience.

The idea of "Fractum Regnum" is the result of the artist's long-drawn study of divine geometry, fractal geometry, algorithms of nature and how they reflect on human consciousness. The temporary reflection of existence and the formal transformation of the universal entity as material and consciousness are embodied in Türkkan's works.

In his audio-visual holographic installation, Subtle, the artist is inspired by the fractal structures in nature and creates a transformative, evolving and organic creature within the space, which carries the spectators' perception to different dimensions, the journey is reinforced with the 3D prints that are added unto this view.

Substance, a VR (virtual reality) installation, abstracts the relationship with the external world and space. The work takes the viewers to their most familiar "essence", yet also the farthest due to its lack of experience with the viewers' given consciousness.

Calling the visitor to surprising experiences, "Fractum Regnum" may be viewed at Art On İstanbul until Saturday, December 30th.