Always More, Always Less | Mustafa Sevinç

21.06.2018 / 07.07.2018 | Press Relase | Brochure

“Always More, Always Less”, Mustafa Sevinç’s first solo exhibition will take place at Art On Istanbul 21 June - 7 July 2018.

In his first solo exhibition entitled Always More, Always Less which consists of performative sculptures and installations, Mustafa Sevinç probes the boundaries of individual existence, focusing on the process of becoming that lies between life and death.

Basing the exhibition on the traces of time in the process of becoming, the artist focuses upon the individuals’ relation to the inner and outer world as well as the concept of memory. By making use of materials such as water, foam rubber, glass, wood and steel he invites the viewer to sense the effects of a slow-footed process which does not need to reach a conclusion. In the gallery space which takes on the shape of a sterilized laboratory, the endless transformation of the interactive materials is bounded by the personal time of the viewer. The artist represents the unpredictable nature of existence through a sterile, placid and lyrical image.

In his first solo exhibition entitled Always More, Always Less, Mustafa Sevinç addresses the underlying perception of time within existential crisis, metaphorically discussing the way in which the individual confronts this perception within the framework of the relationship between the inner and outer world. Taking his cue from simple structures and compositions, the artist challenges the representations of mere appearances, guiding the viewer to ask questions and to see that which is not there, all inside this tranquil/tense environment.


Mustafa Sevinç (1984) was born in Ankara. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Hacettepe University. In 2011, he received his Master’s from the same faculty, with his thesis entitled “Information and Document in the Existential Process of Art”. He has been working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Sculpture – Erciyes University since 2013. In 2018, he completed the Proficiency in Art Program in Hacettepe University, with his thesis entitled “The State of Existence in Contemporary Art”. He has participated in various group exhibitions and art events such as the Akbank Contemporary Artist Prize Exhibition and the Siemens Sanat – Borders/Orbits Exhibition. His works have received two awards from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as part of the “Young Art: Contemporary Project Competition”. The artist pursues his work in Kayseri (Turkey).