Desire | Tunca

02.12.2014 / 03.01.2015 | Press Relase

TUNCA’s solo exhibition “Desire“, hosted by Art On Istanbul, may possibly be defined as the political, social and cultural expansions of ‘taste’. This project aims to present to viewers a very distinctive, unheard-of visual experience. The series, on which the artist has been working for the last two years, focuses on the favourite meals of the distinguished leaders of the 20th century.

The artist who undertook a culinary education so as to realize his project, carried out a profound research on the most desired meals of the leaders, painted their pictures and took a performance video in which he cooks the recipes of these meals. With such an ambitious project, TUNCA builds an incredible bridge between the past and the present. Closely examining the dinner tables of the twelve politicians who have redefined the world map from Castro to Churchill, Atatürk to Mao, TUNCA puts forward the significant details hidden between the lines of the history. Thanks to the ‘multi-layered’ expression style he created by using painting, photography, video, performance and sculpture techniques, the artist establishes an interdisciplinary dialogue.

TUNCA does not purport to write a different history through his visual searches in which passion reveals itself as the focal point. This project reminds viewers that ‘food and drinking culture”, that is the most tangible form of abstract thinking, is a sea of notions that is full of different meanings. What’s more is that, TUNCA brings to mind the fact that ‘taste’ is a social memory without adapting a didactic approach.