Crossroads 5 | Ahmet Çerkez, Burcu Erden, Erdal İnci, Onur Mansız, Nilhan Sesalan, Evren Sungur, Olgu Ülkenciler

05.07.2017 / 19.08.2017 | Press Relase

Art On İstanbul is pleased to present “Crossroads 5” a group exhibition featuring the recent works of Ahmet Çerkez, Burcu Erden, Evren Sungur, Erdal İnci, Nilhan Sesalan, Onur Mansız and Olgu Ülkenciler. The exhibition will be on view between July 11 and August 19, 2017.

Alongside Art On İstanbul’s founding mission of supporting young artists, the 5th edition of “Crossroads” exhibition series enables visitors an opportunity to follow up with the artist’s most recent practices and processes. In addition, it could be seen as a preview of the upcoming solo exhibitions of the next season.

Ahmet Çerkez, presents the human through his cognitive abilities in his mixed media works on canvas. In his works exhibited in “Crossroads 5,” the skull and still life forms look like they are coincidentally placed there and adopt abstract features, losing their specific identities.

Burcu Erden, whom the gallery recently started representing, concentrates on loss of function. In the exhibition, the artist displays a dyptic wooden sculpture composed of half-size men, wearing suits. Through her work, she investigates the effect of scale on perception of the viewer. Adopting a fictional approach while molding the figures, their plastic features further increase the distance between fiction and reality.

In Evren Sungur’s paintings, semi-abstract human figures play a central role in the composition. In his most recent work Hunter 2, the figures walk in tough conditions in search of a new identity. The artist reflects the idea that conditions which require us to revive the hunter characteristics of our ancestors has been created. The animation aesthetic which almost give the figures a degree of prettiness, is a hopeful perspective on future and a premise that the dystopias may be an illusion.

Erdal İnci participates with his most recent video work The Hotel. The artist shot hundreds of photos of a hotel from different angles and converted them into a 3D image by using a technique called photogrammetry. By peeling off the building’s walls, he diversifies his perspectives on time and memory.

Nilhan Sesalan, an established sculptor who interprets materials that require intense physical work with a poetic perspective, defines her sculptures as being “at the meeting point of matter and non-matter.” In her work, A Night in the Forest, the stone transforms into an abstract form and exposes its natural green veins reflecting the artist’s desire to return to the nature.

Onur Mansız presents human body, skin and texture at the center of his compositions. Using a hyper realist technique, he uses contrasting colors and chiaroscuro to emphasize the bodies.
The shadows of nature forms such as leaves projecting on to the bodies reflect the deep inner worlds of the individuals. In his work, Inertia, the mystery of where and whom the hands are opened to, adds on to this depth.

Olgu Ülkenciler, who employs color contrasts, typographic and illustrative features in her work, approaches the society in a critical manner departing from her own identity. The New Human series touches issues like gender and sexuality which are formed with and within the society. The names of revolutionary people that she uses in her compositions, reflect her anti position as an artist. Similar to The New Human, the Helmet series uses helmets which are originally war clothes and has the features of protecting or hiding a person, to point out to the effects of society on individuals.

Visiting Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 10.00-19.00