Blue and Black | Kemal Seyhan

20.10.2012 / 20.11.2012 | Press Relase

emal Seyhan’s artworks can be subsumed under four keywords: horizontal, vertical, color and concentration.
Connecting each words of this limited vocabulary, the artist limits himself to a series of rules: beginning with the color black; applying both the horizontal and the vertical to the whole canvas at one stroke; standing aloof from basic topological relations on painting such as big or small, containing or being contained, inside or outside; inter alia, not to employ color so as to define a space on canvas; but to use for concentration; and to create a perfect surface that makes all kinds of 3D illusions impossible; leave everything –the back, the corner, the sides of the canvas- out of the focus area which is the surface…

Seyhan applies this vocabulary and the rules in question to his works forty, fifty, sixty times. In Seyhan’s works, fifty kilos of paint is put on the canvas, by applying nearly forty, fifty and sixty coats of paint with thousands of brush strokes.