An Ordinary Day | Olcay Kuş

23.12.2011 / 23.01.2012 | Press Relase

With his first personal exhibition “An Ordinary Day” Olcay Kuş will be meeting art lovers at Art On Istanbul on December 23rd.

In his works Kuş perpetuates street walls, which we walk by everyday but almost never pay any attention to their ceaseless changes. In his first personal exhibition the artist offers his viewers a sense of walking in the street rather than visiting an art gallery. He accomplishes this not only through his use of space and also materials: graffiti, posters and spray on canvas.

In his exhibition titled “An Ordinary Day” the artist attempts to create a sense of wall rather than a painting by reflecting the collective consciousness generated by the public expression crafted with graffiti, posters, spray paints, stencil printing templates. With their illimitable sizes, Kuş’s work can be regarded as an intersection of his personal experience and this collective consciousness. Another attention-drawing characteristic of Olcay Kuş’s works is how the “ordinary” figures of everyday life turn into metaphors signifying the hustle and bustle of urban world. Despite their familiarity, the artist renders these figures into such representations with repetitions on canvas. Meanwhile, the use of “newspapers” hidden in the details yet standing out as the basis background of the works is another metaphor enabling the viewer associates what he/she sees with her daily life.

In his first personal exhibition titled “An Ordinary Day”, Olcay Kuş shows us all how the mundaneness pervading our lives could be turned into an exception. “An Ordinary Day” is can be visited at Art On Istanbul through 23 December-23 January.