Stateless Maps | AHMET ÇERKEZ

15.02.2018 / 17.03.2018 | Press Relase | Brochure

Ahmet Çerkez’s first solo exhibition entitled “Stateless Maps” will be on view at Art On Istanbul between 15 February and 17 March 2018.

With his use of limited color palette, rough picture surface, and a plain manner of expression, in his series “Stateless Maps,” Çerkez focuses on the traces of time and experiences, which do not refer to any specific place, in the frame of the dichotomy of life-death. In this series, Çerkez transforms the traces of a process into art through the use of dried petals, rust stains and pencil lines.

The rose leaves, which accompany the geometrical shapes that the artist forms on the raw canvas using rust stains, and whose color will change with time, serve as a basis for the composition and also as a map bearing the traces of people and their moments of experience. The works that are based on nature both in terms of material and form are reminiscent of resurrection and re-birth following death and destruction.

Revolving around the process of immigration, finalizing life in a certain region, and reconstructing it in a new land, the series “Stateless Maps” portray the traces left by people throughout time and across the world, using a poetical language, and making minimal intervention to the picture surface.

Ahmet Çerkez
Ahmet Çerkez was born in Sopot, Bulgaria. He graduated from the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Marmara University. He pursues his artistic work in Istanbul.